Nasal CPAP infant ventilator

Noninvasive Nasal CPAP Infant Ventilator for neonates (APDN-01) is intended for respiratory therapy on newborns in CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) mode.

Nasal cannulas provide newborn infant with continuous positive airway pressure (up to 12 cm HO, respiratory gas flow rate is up to 15 l/min) that prevents the drop of respiratory saccules, as well as stimulates respiration of newborn infants. The APDN-01 reduces the risk of development of chronic pulmonary diseases.


  • Gas mixtures monitoring
  • Pole with fixation elements for the humidifier
  • Compact size
  • Variable flow generator

Technical characteristics

Pressure at the blended inlet
Oxygen: 0,35±0,15 MPa (3,5±1,5 atm)
Air: 0,35±0,15 MPa (3,5±1,5 atm)
Mixture pressure at outlet  0-15s mbar
Oxygen concentration in mixture 21-100%
Mixture consumption  0-15 l/min
Blender weight 2,7 kg
Pole weight 6 kg

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet