Radiant heat - BONO

Neonatal infrared heater

The neonatal infrared heater  «Radiant heat  - BONO»  is  intended  to use  as a basic  or additional heat  source and also  for treatment  of  hyperbilirubinemia  during  nurse  and  therapy  of  neonates in maternity homes, departments of neonates pathology, obstetric institutions.


  • 3 operation modes: preliminary heating, manual and automatic modes
  • 2 methods of phototherapy time setting: CLOCK, TIMER (time countdown)
  • Adjustment of heating power and phototherapy radiation intensity
  • Sound and visual alarm systems
  • Active protection from overheating and combustion during improper operation
  • Vertical movement of the heater (height adjustment)

Technical characteristics

Temperature adjustment range

from 30°С to 38°С

Maximum density of infrared radiation

  • In all infrared spectrum

60 kW/cm

  • In near field of infrared spectrum (from 760 to 1400 mm)
10 kW/cm

Change of height of the heater module location

Not less than 250 mm

Readiness time of the heater to operation

Not more than 5 s

Level of noise of the working field area at a distance of 800 mm from the warmer module at standard operation

Not more than 50 dBA

Class of the heater

II a

Parameters of phototherapy

Spectral range of light radiation

430-530 nm

Level of total radiation intensity for bilirubin at a distance of 800 mm from the warmer protective glass in the efficient irradiation area center

  • Maximum

3800±700 mcW/cm2

  • Mean
1900±400 mcW/cm2

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet