Neonatal phototherapy lamp

Neonatal phototherapy lamp OFN-03 is used for treatment of hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice) for infants by means of reducing the concentration of indirect bilirubin in blood  by irradiation of infant’s skin with light flux of 430-530 nm.

The extra bright blue light diodes allow to reduce the period of treatment and nursing of the neonates in neonates’ pathology departments, decrease the percentage of diseases and complications caused by jaundice and increase lamp life time without losing the power over 50 000 hours.


  • Operation modes: CLOCK and TIMER
  • Location universality: on the incubator cupola or on the mobile pole
  • Sound and visual information signalization
  • 10 sets of single use spectacles in basic kitting
  • Built-in protection from overheating
  • Noiselessness and low consumption of electrical energy 
  • Irradiator operation hours display

Technical characteristics

Total radiation intensity for bilirubin in the center of efficient irradiation area at a distance of 450 mm from the protective glass for the following radiation level: max: 5500±900 mcW/cm2
mean: 3000±600 mcW/cm2
Mean value of spectral intensity density in the center of efficient irradiation area at a distance of 450 mm from the warmer protective glass for the following rediation level: max: 40 mcW/(cm2·nm)
mean: 20 mcW/(cm2·nm)
Efficient irradiation area 300x220 mm

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet