Infant intensive care infant incubator

The infant intensive care incubator IDN-02 is intended for nursing and effective treatment of premature and weak infants in maternity homes, emergency care and therapeutic pediatric wards.

The infant compartment provides reliable protection from the environment and creates optimum conditions for infants: steady temperature, even distribution of heat, air humidification, regulated oxygen supply.

The built-in scales allow to monitor the infant’s weight.


  • Built-in scales
  • Air humidifier
  • Two cabinets
  • Mechanism of infant module tilt and lift (Trendelenburg function)
  • Lifting mechanism (optional)
  • Infusion pole
  • Audible alarm in case of deviations from preset modes, temperature, failures of external power supply, faults of sensors and ventilator
  • Double walls of infant module
  • 5 windows of access to the neonate
  • Possibility to be completed with the functional cover for infant couveuses 

Technical characteristics

Adjustment of temperatore inside infant module from 25oC to 39oC
Measurement pitch 0,1
Admissible error 0,3
Relative humidity adjustment from 60 to 85 %
Oxygen concentration adjustment from 21 to 95 %
Infant module vertical displacement (lift)  200 mm
Infant module tilt angle 9o±1
COncentration of CO2 in module not more than 0,4 %

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet