Fibrooptical system for neonates phototerapy

Biliflex is intended for efficient and quick decrease of bilirubin level in neonates with jaundice owing by the use of high intensive, constant and uniform therapeutic light of narrow medical spectrum 450-480 nm hitting directly to the neonate’s skin.

The potentially harmful ultraviolet and infrared irradiation is absent, thus decreasing risk of skin and eyes injury (including) medical staff) and also hazard of hyperthermia and dehydration.


  • Compact and light
  • Flexible fiber mattress with removable expendable hoods
  • Radiation efficiendy 30 mW/cm/nm even through diaper
  • Bracket of fixation onto incubator pole, tool pole
  • Domestic use possibility
  • No blinding for medical staff and neonate 
  • Radiation area cover 90% of the neonate's body
  • 5 years operation resource of radiation element without replacement

Technical characteristics

Local distribution of total radiation intensity for bilirubin over cloth efficient irradiation area wuth connector 40%
Noise level at a distance of 1 m from the control unit 60dBA

Duration of the phototherapy cycle in the TIMER mode
min: 5 min
max: 72 h
Efficient irradiation area with connector (200±5) x (300±5) mm

Peak value of radiation spectral density in the center of cloth efficient radiation area with connector
max: 30 mcW/(cm2·nm)
mean: 20 mcW/(cm2·nm)

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet