Multifunctional device of inhalation anesthesia

Multifunctional device of inhalation anesthesia  MAIA-01 is intended for carrying out of inhalation anesthesia (IA) for adults and children using any breath circuit in case of surgical interventions of any complexity providing artificial lung ventilation in surgery departments of medical institutions of any capacity.

Convenient system of monitoring allows to control IA, artificial pulmonary ventilation and  important parameters of the patient.


  • Universality: suitable to patients of different age
  • 4-gases electronic dosimeter availability
  • Reversible and non-reversible breathing circuit operation
  • Wide variety of ventilation modes
  • 60 min operation from accumulator
  • Presence of special modification with patient's monitor

Technical characteristics

Anesthetics Nitrous oxide (N2O), Isoflurane (Iso), Sevoflurane (Sev), Xenon (Xe)

Ventilation modes
Controlled: VCV, PCV, VCV+Sigh, ePEEP
Mandatory assisted: PSV, VCV+Apn, pSIMV+PSV and vSIMV+PSVFF
Spontaneous breath (Spont)
Manual ventilation (Manual)
Parameters on the integrated monitor screen P, PEEP, Tidal volume, FinO2, Fin Xe, Ventilation frequency

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet